Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pick Your Quince Theme

By Laura Werthmann

You only turn 15 once and Latinas have it best: we get to share that day with everyone we love and it’s all about us. A is something most girls dream about so it needs to be all about her. There are so many ways to personalize your quinceanera, by the age of fifteen you’ve already established some interests and future goals to be able to put it all into one big party. Here are a few ways to bring out who you are and what you love for your night as a princess.
By now you’ve found out the colors that compliment you, your favorite colors are, and the colors that have been around you your whole lives. Now it’s time to choose one, or a few, and  use them for your accent color, and dresses for your court.  Think about the colors of your favorite sports team, your school colors, maybe a color that blew up in your room. There are endless possibilities to which colors you can use, why not make it the way you want. If you’re still having trouble, the seasons have a lot to do with your Quince, especially the colors you choose . If your birthday is in the spring season it’s good to use soft hues of the color you want like light purple or a soft pink. For summer birthdays, use earth tones like forest green and mahogany or brighter colors like neons, yellows, or oranges that are found in the sun. During fall you can also use earth tones, and it’s always good to have nice warm colors like peach or burgundy. For winter quinces it’s good to use deep rich colors like red, dark purple, or royal blue.

Why stop at colors when you can create a theme out of your favorite pattern. You can use, leopard spots, polka dots, floral, paisley, stripes, tie-dye, glitter, the list is endless. Not very many girls use patterns for their quince, but it’s a good way to personalize your day, and show off your creativity and who you are.

You have lived almost 15 years on this earth, there has to be a specific story, time period, genre, idea, or movie that you just loved from the moment it entered your life.  Use that plot to customize your party. If you’re into Shakespeare maybe have a Starry Night theme, with lights, gazebos and, of course, stars. There’s an Under the Sea theme for Atlantis and Little Mermaid fans. You can do a casino night and dress in swanky clothes, a 20’s night for all you flapper girls out there, you can even go way back to medieval times and literally have a royal court. If you liked the movie Back to the Future you can do just that, and have a futuristic theme to stun your guests (but not literally I hope leave those stun guns at home). Whatever genre, story, or mood you’ve been into your whole life can be used to really show your 100 plus closest loved ones who you really are.

If there’s a specific cuddly, scaly, or slimy animal that you totally adore, why not let the world know and make that a theme to your party? You can have animal napkins, plates, pictures, decorations, table centers (as long as they're faux), the works to really show you care. Do you like cheetah or zebra prints? Try making those the theme for your party. You could even take a trip to the zoo before the party.

Landscapes and destinations
Landscapes are a great time to use your surroundings and seasons. If your birthday is in the winter, why not go for a winter wonderland? You could have a summer beach party, a spring picnic, or a fall harvest. If there’s a specific place or city you like, New York, Paris, Brazil, India, replicate it! There is so much beauty and wonder in the world, why not share it?

All About You
Because the day is all about you anyway, why not have your face and pictures all over everything? From your diaper days, to your high school halls, share YOU with the world. Put your best memories all over the walls and really make the day about you!

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