Friday, August 12, 2016

Volunteer at the 2016 Quince Project

Help us with our 2016 Quince Celebration by volunteering or contributing a dish to our quinceañera potluck. As a mardrina, you can help a girl in need have an unforgettable quince experience.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Dress Donation Drive 2016

Not too sure what to do with that extravagant formal dress you’ll most likely never wear again? Don't just store it. Why not donate it to help a less fortunate young lady have the prom of her dreams! The quince project marinas are collecting donations of formal dresses for our Quinceañera. Clean out your closet and help us provide fashionable formal dresses and accessories for teen girls who can’t afford them otherwise.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Madrinas Wanted

The Quince Project Madrinas team is a group of local female leaders dedicated to helping make girls' quince dreams come true. This team helps with leadership workshops, mentoring youth, contributing to fundraising efforts and aiding with quince event planning. To volunteer, contact us at

Volunteers can assist with...
-Organizing fundraisers
-Help with quince celebration prep & event planning
-Mentoring a participant
-Coordinating a dress drive
-Soliciting quince sponsorships & contributions
-Organizing leadership workshops
-Coordinating cultural field trips
-Promoting our program

Pro-bono services are needed of the following...
-Professional services of a graphic designer to create invitations
-Professional services of caterer or cake baker to provide event catering or a cake
-Professional services of an event planner or interior designer to provide event decorations
-Professional services of photography for portraits & event photographs
-Professional services of a dance choreographer
-Professional services of a band or DJ
-Professional services of a make-up artist & hair stylist

Sponsor a Girl...
It costs our team $100 to sponsor a girl in the quince project and we hope to plan an event for 10 girls. Sponsor a girl to help us cover the costs associated with the dress, accessories, tiaras and shoes as well as the cultural coming-of-age celebration with decorations, traditional quince party items (last doll, tiara),  cake, and catering.  Sponsorships help cover the costs of with attending biweekly leadership workshops and quince services such as photography, choreography, DJ, and videographer. 

To volunteer, contact us at

Quince Project Accepting Applications

The Quince Project is hosting a summer leadership program geared toward helping teen girls make the transition from girlhood to young adult through a quinceañera celebration. Young women are invited to apply to this free program which will culminate with a group quince party. Girls will learn about their heritage and the cultural significance of a quinceañera as they work in small teams to develop leadership skills and organize a group quince. The mission of Quince Project is to provide young Latinas with the tools they need to succeed as young adults. Our objective is to encourage young Latinas to become leaders in their communities, to foster cultural pride, to pursue higher education, to build life skills, to discover creative ways to express themselves and to develop a strong voice.

Monday, August 10, 2015

What does a quinceanera mean to you?

Our Quince Girls share what the quince project experience means to them....

"You become more responsible and mature as a person. Having a quinceanera is unique. It is a moment in your life that you will never forget! You get to have fun with your friends and family." Yizel

"Enjoy this special moment in your life because it is only once in a lifetime that you will be fifteen and you will get a to celebrate and have so much fun with family members and friends." -Jennifer

"This quinceanera is a special day to me because I am going to meet new friends and share my feelings with other people." Iran

Volunteer at the Quince Project

Donate to Our Potluck