Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY: Cute & Easy Centerpieces Ideas!

1st Centerpiece

All you need:
Real or Battery operated candles
(your choice)
Cup or jar (your choice of style & size)
Sprinkles or beads (whatever you may like)

Once you have all your materials, all you need to do is put them together! It’s simple! Gather the beads or sprinkles and pour them into your cup or jar of choice halfway up. Then, place your choice of candle in the middle, and ta-da! You're done! Easy, and simple, but still cute.

2nd Centerpiece

All you need:
 Jars of your choice
Spray glue (any glue that will dry up clear)
 Photos of your choice
Pebbles or flowers (basically anything you might like to put inside the jar)

Let’s get started. Put a small amount of glue on your photo; insert the photo into your jar onto the back wall. Then, just let the glue dry, or you can just let the photo free float. Next, fill the jar with pebbles or flowers, or anything you may like. Then you are done! Screw the lid back on if it has one, and there you have your fun centerpiece! Easy & fun to make!

3rd Centerpiece          

All you need:
Candles & a jar!

Super simple, but is a great centerpiece to have. Just simply place your candle inside your jar and light it up whenever you'd like. Or just use a battery operated candle. To add more detail to your centerpiece, you can spray some glue inside your jar and add some glitter! Makes your centerpiece stand out more, and I mean… who doesn't love glitter!

4th Centerpiece

All you need:
Small buckets of your choice

& Candy!

Quick and easy! Get your bucket, tie your ribbon of choice around and create a cute bow. Once you are down, just fill it up with candy for your guest to enjoy! And PRESTO! You are done with your cute little centerpiece, and your guest’s will definitely enjoy it! 

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