Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY: What's A Party Without Balloons?


Clear latex balloons
Confetti of your choice

Step 1. First, grab a clear balloon. Then, grab a mini handful of tissue paper confetti. Fold the pile of confetti in half, and then in half again.

Step 2. Once you have a little tube of confetti, push the confetti-tube into the neck of the balloon. Poke it down with your pen until all of the confetti falls into the balloon. 

Step 3. Fill the balloon with helium up to the size of your choice. And tie your finished balloon with your ribbon.


If you'd like to do confetti balloons, but in a different way, this DIY is a great idea!

Simply complete all the four steps, but this time you can use balloons with printed letters to spell something, or buy stick on letters to place after your balloon is complete.

Once all of that is done, get a tissue fringe garland, and tie twine around the knot of each balloon and attach to the tissue garland so that the balloons barely touch. Continue this process till you have all your balloons on your tissue garland. If you don't have a place to securely hang your balloon garland, buying command adhesive hooks is highly recommended. It doesn't damage a wall, and it will hold your decoration great!

Another great balloon decoration!


Clear latex balloons
Glue gun (set at "low")

This is a very easy way to make plain clear balloons stand out at your event. And don't worry... your balloon won't pop!

1. Get your clear balloon and fill it up with helium. 

2. Tie your balloon with the ribbon of your choice, so when you began gluing your pompoms, you have your balloon secure and tied somewhere.

3. Once your glue gun is ready, began gluing your pompoms all over your balloon. Try to separate them evenly so you won't have just one clump of pompoms in one area. 

There you have it, from plain clear balloons, to some fun pompom balloons!

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