Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY: Create Your Own Quinceañera Guest Book!

Things you’ll need:

      Plain Guestbook
      Glue Gun
      Glue Sticks
      Photos of you
      Any additional details of your  choice
     Decorative paper

You don’t always have to buy your own guest book; you can add your own personal touch and create your own! The steps are very simply, and the turnout is great!

  1. Choose the decorative paper of your liking, and cover your guest book.
  2. Place the paper on the guestbook with at least an inch hanging over the edge.
  3. Take the paper that is hanging over and fold it in.
  4. Secure the paper on the back of the cover using the glue stick or glue gun.
  5. Repeat steps until the entire book is covered.
  6. Layer your ribbon of choice over the paper and secure using the glue stick or glue gun.
  7. You can add any additional details to your guestbook to make it the way you'd like, so just have fun with it! 
Easy steps, and there you have it. Your cute guestbook is done!

 *Extra tip*

To decorate the inside, you can also add pictures on every other sheet of yourself so your guest can see as they write.

Things you'll need:
Jenga set & a sharpie or a pen!

And yes... that is all you need, to create your own guestbook!

The steps are simple. Just buy a Jenga set for your guest, have them take a block to write on and when they are finish have them assemble the blocks. At the end of the night you'll get your set of Jenga, and can later play whenever you'd like and be able to read what your guests wrote! A little tip if you choose this different, but great guestbook idea, is to have some sort of sign for your guests that in fact your set of Jenga is your ACTUAL guestbook! 

Another similar guestbook idea, is using pebbles or a set of puzzle! All you need is:

  2 types of containers
 & pebbles or stones that you can write on!

Simply place the pebbles or stones of your choice on one container, have a sharpie laid out, and ask your guest to sign on a pebble or stone and have them place it on a different container. It's a cute and new idea that you can have at your event!

All you need is:

2 types of containers
& a puzzle set!

Place your puzzle set inside any type of container, and a pen or sharpie on the side, and ask your guest to sign a puzzle piece! When they have finished signing it they can place it inside a jar or a different container. This is a memorable way to create your guestbook, because you can always play with your puzzle and as you assemble it, you'll be able to read what each of your guests had to say!

Another simple idea!

Things you'll need:

A block letter
A jar to hold your pens or sharpies

Just place your block letter on your entrance table, have your jar filled with the pens or sharpies of your choice & TA-DA! It's done. Each guest will write on your block letter and you'll go home with a memorable decoration filled with what your guests had to say, that you can always place as decoration in your room!

 Lastly, another great and affordable guestbook idea.

 All you need:

Small gift cards
Decorative pen

Simply place your container of choice at your guestbook table, than neatly place your small gift cards as well. Decorate the arrangement as you please! Have your decorative pen there and just ask your guests to sign in the small gift cards and when done place it inside their container! It looks really nice and super affordable!

 *Extra tip*

To make your containers more creative, add some extra touches! Decorate them as you please! Just have fun with it!